Friday, December 25, 2009

Aaargh..I hate Model!

For many reason,i don't like take fashion photography that much except there is a beautifully paradox and deep concept behind it. I don' t like expose the beauty only --_-- geez...
Thats why i often edit edit too much coz I dont really feel that it is good enough..

This photo was taking place in ITB. The event was held by fotografi.LFM. Actually I had no interest to came yet my friend (jonathan.end) asked me if i could help him as his assistant. Well, okay then. But in the end, with camera hanged on my neck, i still took some photo (even i don't like it anyway). Here they are :

The concept was Victorian. Jonathan.end leased the gown from some place in Cilaki, costed 125.000 IDR.

The model was Gina Marros (

The place was on Lapangan Miring SR ITB and Lapangan Sipil ITB.

There were so many noise behind : merchants, rubbish, etc.

We want she looked gorgeous and arrogant.

Oya..make up artist by Angi (

(I edited in Adobe Lightroom™ coz I don't like the original tone)
taken using my Keeno Nikon D40 with 18-55 mm kit lens.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A place where I've been growing up

For every time I passed, for every time I miss, for every friend I have, for every single moment I had, for every happiness, joyfulness, experience; for every laugh, cry, hug, kiss; for every knowledge I gained....I love this place more over...

Liga Film Mahasiswa-Institut Teknologi Bandung

Some crews

And of course, my fungsionaris...

A place where everyone can be their own.