Friday, December 25, 2009

Aaargh..I hate Model!

For many reason,i don't like take fashion photography that much except there is a beautifully paradox and deep concept behind it. I don' t like expose the beauty only --_-- geez...
Thats why i often edit edit too much coz I dont really feel that it is good enough..

This photo was taking place in ITB. The event was held by fotografi.LFM. Actually I had no interest to came yet my friend (jonathan.end) asked me if i could help him as his assistant. Well, okay then. But in the end, with camera hanged on my neck, i still took some photo (even i don't like it anyway). Here they are :

The concept was Victorian. Jonathan.end leased the gown from some place in Cilaki, costed 125.000 IDR.

The model was Gina Marros (

The place was on Lapangan Miring SR ITB and Lapangan Sipil ITB.

There were so many noise behind : merchants, rubbish, etc.

We want she looked gorgeous and arrogant.

Oya..make up artist by Angi (

(I edited in Adobe Lightroom™ coz I don't like the original tone)
taken using my Keeno Nikon D40 with 18-55 mm kit lens.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A place where I've been growing up

For every time I passed, for every time I miss, for every friend I have, for every single moment I had, for every happiness, joyfulness, experience; for every laugh, cry, hug, kiss; for every knowledge I gained....I love this place more over...

Liga Film Mahasiswa-Institut Teknologi Bandung

Some crews

And of course, my fungsionaris...

A place where everyone can be their own.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ngayogyakarta 2007

This was my first visit to Jogjakarta and also first time i used my own camera. Yup...this was the first 100 shoots of my Nikon D40 named Keeno. All photo was taken place in Keraton Jogjakarta.


Each of Keraton roof has this accent. This is one of their way to distinguish between the keraton roof and the ordinary house.

Right here, still waiting ~ Diam Menunggu

The Keraton Jogjakarta guardians come from the member of keraton Jogja itself. The servant serve Keraton hereditary. They serve keraton for livelong...

Last but not least , On Night Like These: 4 peniti

ini yang saya kejar kejar dari show ini. Walopun menurut gw mereka gak tampil maksimal di sini, tapi...yaahh..mereka OK!



See you at On Night Like These #3!! (They planned it for New Year Eve..)

On Night Like These: Mocca

This was the Mocca special show!! They weren't in the list, but anyway they performed with whole team member and brought a guess from Germany... A short sweet show...

Thank you for all people who have attended this show. The front office said that the ticket had been sold for 600 pieces!

He was the guest star, coming from 14.000 km far far away. was the show...

Friday, November 20, 2009

On Night Like These: Tigapagi

Tigapagi consists of 5 member, all are male (honestly, I dont know their names). After I checked their facebook, I knew who the member are. Hahaha...And suddenly a friend of mine told me that one of the personnel is her girlfriend's nephew-arale. At that time, only 3 of them who attended this show. Well, each of them played guitar with one main vocal (the middle one). Their performance was awesome too. Heehe..I love this acoustic night++




It had to be this:

Eko Sakti Oktavianto (Guitar,Bass)

Prima Dian Febrianto (Guitar)

Sigit Agung Pramudita (Guitar,Voice/Humming)

Alfa Haga Rachmady (Piano)

Indra Kusharnandar (DeafMuteResolution) (Keyboard)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

On Night Like These: Endah n' Rhesa

Before this event, I've never heard about them. Actually, I watched this event coz i wanted to see 4 peniti. But...They are so damn great, so damn talented, and so damn awesome. Watching this mini concert is regret less. The ticket was soooooo cheap (IDR 8000) and I didn't pay any. Well, now I adore them so much ;)

Well, there is some major tittle in this thread. And...

When you love someone just be brave to say that u want him to be with you. --Endah n Rhesa--




POTRAITURE : Soul of The Guitarist



Thanks to Andyza's 50mm lens, and Japir's 105mm lens, I could capture those grat moments using my Nikon D40.

By the way, there is a short video when they permormed :

Enjoy the show!