My name is Rahma Utami. Before I've learned the "real photography" I used to bring "tustel" everywhere I've been gone. I started to learn photography in 2005 by becoming the member of Liga Film Mahasiswa. I had no equipment at that time. All I did is ask people : May I borrow ur camera? :D Because of that, I knew that every camera is special, just like human. Different character needs different treatment. I enjoy using lots of camera, analogue and digital. My favorite are Nikon FM2, Nikon F80 and Nikon F90x. Yeah, I'm Nikonian but I m not anti-dot to other brand :D

Later on, I found my self interested in Still Life thing, Stage lighting, Landscape, Conceptual, and Journalistic. I have no interest in beauty shoot, except beauty shoot which has strong concept behind (not beauty only please).Thus, I love adventuring, discovering something new, becoming part of nature, creating social campaign, and I found my self better in paint with light than paint with tint. 
 "9 dari 10 fotografer adalah anak orang kaya, hanya 1 yang anak orang miskin yaitu saya." Roy Genggam
~ 9 from 10 photographers are son of the haves, only 1 who comes from the poor: me~ Roy Genggam

What a great words fit so much on me :D I am not that rich, but as a photographer, maybe I am quite poor than other photographers. But I strive for my best for the thing I love :D

Even photography is not my dream job (my dream job is Dreamworks and Campaign-maker), I believe that photography is a media to express my words, express my feelings, express my messages. Believe me, I am not that good to tell something using words :P