Monday, November 8, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011: Oscar Lawalata's Weaving Culture in collaboration with Laura Miles

The complete articles in English will be uploaded soon (Well, probably next week :p ). But if you want to read the article in Bahasa Indonesia, you can visit my another blog : Also in that blog too, I gonna make article each day during the Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011. 

Left to Right : From British Council, Laura Miles, Oscar Lawalata



And here was our great designer, Oscar Lawalata :)


Been A While...

I am sorry for all lazyness that herited inside me *sigh* that make me not uploading any photo piece for a quite long time. Actually i'd like to upload my story in Indonesian Next Top Photograper (INTP), yet.........
But anyway, during this week, I gonna upload some photo series from Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011 (JFW 11) event. Held on Pacific Place, Jakarta, this event is one of the biggest fashion event in Indonesia after Bali Fashion Week. 
So, I hope you enjoy the photo :)