Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Space Cadet

I made this post special for my friend, echaboy :D he always help me to re-check all my spelling in this blog :p

So, the person that i told you above is the drummer :D This time he was on stage with Space Cadet. They was performed near my house in Tangerang (Geez, I still amazed about how they could play here?!) Well anyway, here are the photos. It was a (very) small stage with a very minimum light and also a very minimum gear. I was using my D40 kit only and let Adobe Lightroom did the rest.

Visit the space cadet on twitter and facebook.


Space Cadet

Renato : Guitars & Vocals

Naldo : Guitars & Vocals
Andro : Bass & Vocals
Echaboy : Drums & Vocals

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Okay, i wont talk a lot. Here are photos that I took at Soundlicious event, held on Open Theater Dago Tea house Bandung at May 9, 2010. This event was initiated by Hima Administrasi Negara Padjajaran University. I also thanked Adhi Setyo for giving me the free pass, and also Japir for his 105mm fix lens. I didn't take White Shoes and the company and also Mocca because my battery was running out. So, enjoy. It was a really2 good show.

Baby Eats Crackers
The Trees and The Wild
Adhitia Sofyan
Endah N Rhesa

Hope you like it :D.


Soundlicious 2010 #5 : Galengan

Galengan is a music group which using bamboo as their instrument. They brought a a performance which combined some of Indonesia's culture in Soundlicious event.

Let save our heritage, TOGETHER!

Soundlicious 2010 #4 : Endah N Rhesa

This couple has been amazed me since I watched them for the first time at On The Night Like This. They are my favorite :D Love their songs, love their shows. Here they are:

Endah N Rhesa

Soundlicious 2010 #3 : Adhitia Sofyan

Let's have all mellow songs from Adhitia Sofyan, our single-guitar-musician.

Adhitia Sofyan

Soundlicious 2010 #2: The Trees and The Wild

Yep, it was rainy when they started to sing their first song. Yet the audience was awesome. They did really understand the meaning of idiom "sedia payung sebelum hujan". :D

and here they are :

The Trees and The Wild

You can visit them here.

Soundlicious 2010 #1 : Baby Eats Crackers

Baby Eats Crackers

Kushandari Arfanidewi (Vocalist)

Rangga Muslim (Guitarist-Vocalist)

Ken Paramayudha (Guitarist)

Aryo Bangundityo (Drummer)

Pierre Natigor Pohan (Bassist)

Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata (a.k.a Mr. Popo)

Ferry Nurhayat a.k.a Gembong (Additional Keyboardist)

Adhi Setyo Santoso (Manager)

and what happened behind the stage :D

On Stage

You can visit them on myspace, facebook and twitter .