Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Space Cadet

I made this post special for my friend, echaboy :D he always help me to re-check all my spelling in this blog :p

So, the person that i told you above is the drummer :D This time he was on stage with Space Cadet. They was performed near my house in Tangerang (Geez, I still amazed about how they could play here?!) Well anyway, here are the photos. It was a (very) small stage with a very minimum light and also a very minimum gear. I was using my D40 kit only and let Adobe Lightroom did the rest.

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Space Cadet

Renato : Guitars & Vocals

Naldo : Guitars & Vocals
Andro : Bass & Vocals
Echaboy : Drums & Vocals


  1. apa ini D: kosong tanpa apa-apa...

  2. iya, kemaren koneksinya error ga. sekarang udah :D

  3. MAKASIH BANGET MAUUUTTTTT!!!!! :D jangan kapok ya, hehe...