Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Self

Oh My God. I abandoned my blog! T_T Since I've lost my camera, the quantity of me taking photos became almost ZERO. Only 2 post in a year?! What a shame! Hopefully I can grab another camera next year. Dear, Nikon D7000, would you be my partner >.<.

But anyway, I think I shouldn't let this blog update-less. So here I am, posting an old set photo. The theme was "My Self." These photos made in order to complete the 2nd selection of Indonesia Next Top Photographer (INTP) held by The Light Magazine in 2010. I think the competition is discontinued. But anyway, I got lots of new friend. Hehe... They are moooore talented than I am.

So, here are "My Self"

A Girl Behind The Glass

Red Rice

Light Ink

My Power, My Partner :*

Unlimited Size

Keep Growing


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