Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo Report : OZ Mojang Bujang Award 2009

Held on December 26, 2009 at Prefere 72, Dago, Bandung, MOBU Awards attracted so many people to come. Honestly, I didn’t know about it before I came to this event. Things I knew was Endah N Rhesa would play there based on the information from my boss’ Twitter. And... I *accidentally* knew that my boss - Adhitia Sofyan - would also play on that gig. There were so much more: The Banery, Overload Romance (I’ve just known them at that time also), Gea Idol, Rini Idol, Audi, and 3 other stars which I don’t know (sorry pisan!)

So, hope you enjoy my photo report. Many of the photos edited into Sephia style. Ordinary color is boring. Enjoy!

My Gear:

My D40 with 18-55mm kit lense

Star Filter Tian Ya

and again, no tripod, and some photos use built-in flash

3 beautiful girls, 3 amazing voices, 3 names I can't recall.

And the winner is.....

I called them ,ehm, him, actually, the one who used hat, labil boy :p.

Overload Romance

The Banery


After long time not seen on the public, Audi performed @Prefere with his brother

Adhitia Sofyan

And, my favorite all the time ...unfortunately, they only performed for a very short time :(

Endah N Rhesa

Last show!!

As always, sings from the soul


  1. sumpah gw cuman tau mas adit disini...hehhe maklum kurang gaul...tau mas adit juga karena bos di kantor hehhe anyway fotonya Audi kurang oke deh, *menurutku sih, soalnya kurang fokus*

  2. mas adit tumben berdiri hahahaha

  3. yang pas audi lebih konsen dengerin daripada moto. hehhehe

  4. wow... "Endah n' Ressa" hohohoo... wow

  5. adhitia sofyan baguss!! endah n rhesa hebat!!

  6. foto killing me inside nya kurang banyak

  7. @afif
    killing me inside tuh yang mana yah? hahahha