Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditional Market

Nowadays, i rare visit the traditional market to get shopping. I usually go to the supermarket or department store. Well, the traditional market near my campus named "Pasar Balubur" is a temporary market for over than 5 years. I havent taken any pic of it (well, it seems I have to take some before it really displaced to the new location. But anyway, in Tangerang-my hometown, there was one times i went there and bring a SLR camera. Yep, SLR, not digital. It mught be the year of 2006/2007. I used ordinary fuji film iso 200 negative film and pushed 3 stops. Post pro in Pak rahmadi, here is the result (I only captured some frame there).

This is the condition of the traditional market in Tangerang named Pasar Anyar

The work environment of the major coconut seller in Pasar Anyar

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